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Concrete in all the structures weighs 27.5 million kilograms (60.5 million pounds).
Steel Reinforcement

The total reinforcement weighs 17 million kilograms (37.4 million pounds).
Isolation Bearings

Over 700 specially designed bearings isolate the acoustic rooms from earth borne vibration/noise down to 6Hz.
Sound Stage 1

Stage 1 is 1,836 m2 which is almost half a football field in length with +/- 17meters (~70ft) clear headroom.
Infrasonic Theatre

The 400-seat theatre is not only one of the world's largest dubbing theatres, but also the world's first infrasonic theatre, capable of ultra-low frequency pressure below the audible range.
Mix Rooms

All mix rooms are infrasonic isolated to 6Hz.
All mix rooms are capable of generating infrasonic "in room" pressure.