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Electrical & Electronic Details
Balanced Power All technical buildings are supplied with balanced power and earthing systems that remove electronic noise in audio and digital signals.
Signal to Noise The signal to noise difference is 120 dB.
Data Transmission 10 Gigabit per fiber transmission/reception, facility wide.Fiber Optics:
Blown-Fiber trunking to all buildings allows for rapid upgrade of the entire fiber network.
Faraday Shielding Four layers of Faraday shielding on all technical buildings and rooms with isolation and single point bonding.
Signal Ground Ultra-low signal grounding system.
Stages Power Supply 6,600 Amp @ 230 volt power service for Stage 1; 4,800 Amp for Stages 2 & 3; 3,600 Amp for Stages 4 & 5.
Stages Standby Power Standby generators for all stages and lighting grids.
Facility Power Supply 18 Megawatts power supply from two separate supply grids.
Standby Power Full standby power generator and UPS backup for all technical areas.
Redundancy 100% redundancy and backup and recovery for all data systems.
High Definition Fully tested and certified infrastructure for all data and High Definition product past 3 GHz.
Building Management System (BMS) BMS control of all personnel, hard assets, client access and media assets.
Media Assets Management System (MAMS) Complete life cycle tracking of Media through Media Asset Management System.